160428-01portraitRetrophile, seamstress and embryo packaging designer in Stockholm, Sweden, somewhat loosely anchored in the present. I love perfume, trains and women’s uniforms, obsess over the cut of clothes and tinker with re-enactment and living history.

I am also a queer feminist. Things were not better back in the day, and one of the really beautiful things about the here and now is that it allows me so much liberty to be all of the above. A great part of my interest in history is an interest in what life was like for people like me – women, queer people – and others who are not prominently featured among those who wrote history as we know it.

The title is stolen from Margery Allingham’s 1938 mystery The Fashion in Shrouds. It’s not her best novel (my favourites are Death of a Ghost and The Tiger in the Smoke), but I love her and that multi-layered title, which reflects my relationship with the fashion industry rather well. It’s complicated, shall we say?

This is my personal blog. My portfolio (in Swedish) can be found here.

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