Change of plans.


Model year 1910, 1939 and 1942 for women.

2014 got off to a rough start with a breakup. I am single, and rather fed up with life in general at the moment. I’m sure it’ll pass, as everything invariably does. Meanwhile, have some m/1942 kv photos? Courtesy of the wonderful John Paul Bichard, as always, and shot at Armémuseum in Stockholm. We did a similar shoot there four years ago, and I really like those photos too, so I’m including two of them. All photos ©John Paul Bichard, 2010 and 1013.

So much has changed since then. But not enough.


M/42 kv.

Swedish Women's Motor Corps uniform from Stockholm, early 50's.

Swedish Women’s Motor Corps uniform from Stockholm, early 50′s.


Nurse uniform from Gothenburg, probably dating to around WWII.

Fabric oops.

Right, this cannot be healthy. After finishing a couple of large projects, do I feel pleased, satisfied, at peace with myself? Not really. I’m pleased, yes, I feel a certain sense of accomplishment, but I feel even more lost, restless, without meaning or direction in life. The instant cure? Planning a new large project or three. I’m not sure this is good for me, but it can’t be much worse than drink or religion as comforting habits go, can it?

The greenish plaid wool had sold out, of course, but I bought the remaining piece of the other wool I got at the same sale, a rust and grey herringbone tweed. I have 2,6 m now, enough for a very simple jacket and skirt. Belted back, I’m thinking, and I’ve been looking at Norfolk jackets, although I very much doubt if I can squeeze that much detail out of just 1,8 m or so.

I had a bit of an accident with m/1939 wadmal, too; I went to one of my favourite fabric shops to look at lingerie elastic and lace, and they had Swedish military surplus fabric, the kind used in enlisted m/1942 kv uniforms. My loden budget is now gone, but in my defense this wadmal is every bit as good for winter coats. It’s a warm grey, and I rather wanted a coat in a colour, but I will have to try to live with that. I will also have to try not to make a more or less useless replica out of misplaced reverence for the fabric, since m/42 kv is my kryptonite, apparently. I completely forgot about the lace and elastic, of course, and two close friends I met up with, both burlesque artists, seemed bemused at the idea of going out to buy lace appliqués and coming home with wadmal instead.

Also, I remembered that I still have a 3,7 m piece of black wool blend cavalry twill to make whoopee with. A completely unnecessary uniform-inspired black suit with lots and lots of delicious padding, shaping and tailoring might bring just the feeling of meaning and direction I need at the moment. I can justify a black pencil skirt, at least. What’s that you say? Sensible? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you?

Post-project depression.

I’m not good with New Year’s resolutions, but this is as good a time as any to take stock of what you have done and try to map out what you want to do, after all. Also, after every large project is finished I go through a depressing period when I feel a little empty and don’t know what to do with myself. I have easy access to flow through my own pleasure projects, with drastic peaks towards the hypomanic final phase of the larger, more ambitious ones. No wonder I feel low and restless afterwards. I imagine most people do.

So that’s where I am now, and it feels like a good idea to look forward, perhaps towards more sensible sewing. I need a winter coat, for example, and at the moment I am wavering between waiting for the right shade of olive green loden fabric to be restocked, so I can order some and then set to work on that; or completely remake my grandmother’s old loden coat, which fits me but makes me looks more like her than I am comfortable with.

I should also stop putting off the idea of making my own underwear. Not bras, as of yet. I have a substantial collection of long line bras that I wear all the time and I don’t feel up to making them right now, but underpants, garter belts and similar items, especially since I have more fit issues with underpants than I do with bras nowadays. I know that I can produce patterns for better-fitting underthings, and I also want prettier and more interesting underwear than I can find off-the-rack. I just don’t like working with knits and stretch materials much. This should be a good time for filling out my panty drawer a little, and making a substantial garter belt or shorter, lighter girdle that really fits me. That’s not hard, and I will get a much better fit than I could in off-the-rack garments.

I have a couple of fabrics lined up for everyday skirts too, and this is where I begin procrastinating the useful but slightly less alluring projects for things I can’t honestly say that I need. Among them is a piece of mid-weight plaid wool in olive drab shades with a narrow dark red stripe in it. It’s practicallly crying out to be made into a proper tweed suit, if I can just lay my hands on some more of it. A sensible skirt with kick pleats, a tailored jacket with a belted back. Maybe plus fours. Perhaps a vest. We’ll see, but not until I have made at least a pair or two of unmentionables first.